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1929 - 2018

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RUE Belmedpreparaty is the founder of the pharmaceutical industry in the Republic of Belarus, started its operations in 1929 from the first in Belarus pharmaceutical factory, producing the simplest medicines.

Today, RUE Belmedpreparaty–the largest leading pharmaceutical Enterprise in the country, which follows its permanent mission - to provide the population with effective, safe and high quality pharmaceutical products for the prevention and treatment of a wide range of diseases.

A significant number of manufactured products are among the vital. The reorganization of the Enterprise which took place by joining RUE Grodnenskiy plant of medical products (Skidel) and Izotron plant (Lida), allowed not only increase and expand the product range but also start to produce new dosage forms.

The main strategy of the Enterprise is a dynamic and progressive development, which aims:

-  implementation and adoption to production new pharmaceutical products such as generic and original innovative products;

-  providing high quality products;

-  reduction of present output of products and creating new production facilities in accordance with international GMP requirements;

-  increasing the competitiveness of the products;

-  development of advanced energy-and resource-saving technologies to produce substances and finished dosage forms;

-  development of new markets;

-  growth of the employees welfare.

RUE Belmedpreparaty has several unique production lines and it is the only producer of insulin in the Republic of Belarus, enzymes and nutrients, pharmaceutical products to treat cancer and tuberculosis, narcotic and psychotropic medicines, ophthalmic dosage forms. We are producing almost all dosage forms: tablets with different coating, and without it, hard and soft gelatin capsules, solutions for injections and infusions in vials and ampoules, liofilizedand sterile packaged powder for injections and infusions, eye drops, ointments, creams and gels, powder in sachet packets.

The Enterprise is a multistage production, based on science intensive technologies, producing over 300 kinds of medicines of 24 pharmaceutical groups.

Our own transport departmentallows us to provide the customers with prompt delivery service «door to door».


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Belmedpreparaty RUE
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