Ecological policy


Productive activity of the enterprise makes a certain impact on the environment. Staff of "Belmedpreparaty" realize this impact and do their best to minimize it.

Because of increasing environmental requirements, the policy of equipment upgrade and technical process improvement is consistently enforced. It allows to reduce pollutant emissions into the atmosphere and to minimize waste generation.

In 2005 environmental management system (EMS) was implemented at "Belmedpreparaty" and it got Ecological conformity certificate. The reason of it is effective nature protection activity during drug and APIs development and production. Belmedpreparaty's environmental management system is fully conforms to the international standards of ISO 14001. This conformity is proved each year.

Due to the fact that in Belarus the System of environment management ISO 14001-2017 was implemented, "Belmedpreparaty" get new ecological certificate of ISO 14001-2017.

As a result of the successful completion of the certification audit of the Environmental Management System of RUE "Belmedpreparaty" in May 2021, the organization received an environmental certificate of compliance valid until 03.05.2024.

Environmental management system allows the enterprise to achieve optimized ecological rates of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere, discharge of wastes into municipal sewage lines and waste generation volume. Also it helps to control and minimize the level of ecological impact of productive activity on the environment.

The main principals of Ecological policy are:

   -  legal system compliance;

   -  pollution prevention;

   -  constant improvement;

   -  effective functioning of production environmental control system;

   -  improvement of production waste management system with formation prevention.

In accordance with EMS in each unit were detected ecological aspects having impact on the Environmental management program of "Belmedpreparaty". The enterprise takes gradual action to reduce production activity impact on the environment and thus decreases the ecological stress on the environment and establishes ecological safety in the production affected area.


"Belmedpreparaty" is forming ecological consciousness continuously and successively by providing briefings and protection of the environment studuies for the staff. These actions help to achieve remarkable results during the environmental activity.