RUE "Belmedpreparaty" participate at the 14th World Conference of the International Photodynamic Association.

Despite achievements in surgery, the use of advanced equipment for radiotherapy, as well as the availability of variety methods of chemotherapy, the traditional methods of treatment cancer patients cannot fully meet the requirements of clinical practice. Each method has its own advantages, disadvantages and limitations. All this encourages specialists all over the world to find new ways in diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. One of these new methods, which has shown promising results in recent years, is photodynamic therapy (PDT). Its action is based on the accumulation of the drug in the tumor - photo sensitizer, which under the influence of laser light with the presence of oxygen generates cytotoxic agent. These substances are allocated during photo irradiation. They initiate a chain of biochemical reactions which inactivate cell malignancies. This method of treatment allows to destroy tumor tissue without significant damage to healthy tissue and without intoxication of the patient organism.

The main advantages of PDT method over conventional methods of cancer treatment are selective destruction of tumor, absence of severe systemic complications, the permissibility of multiple repetition, combination of fluorescent diagnostics and therapeutic effects in a single procedure, low cost of treatment. In most cases, photodynamic therapy - a non-invasive or minimally invasive treatment method for human organs. In many countries today, scientists and clinicians engaged in research aimed at the development of new and optimization of existing PDT regimes of malignant tumors with different morphological types and locations, as well as the creation of new, more safe and effective photo sensitizers. Successful development and widespread adoption of PDT in the treatment of cancer determines the growing interest of researchers to the possibilities of using this method in other areas of medicine, including ophthalmology, dentistry, purulent surgery etc.

One of the most promising and effective photo sensitizers is Fotolon® drug based on chlorin e6, designed and manufactured by RUE "Belmedpreparaty". Fotolon® - is the result of numerous comprehensive pharmaceutical, pharmacological and clinical studies carried out by experts of RUE "Belmedpreparaty" and close collaboration with leading research and clinical centers of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation. Fotolon® is approved for clinical use in the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, Ukraine. Currently in clinical centers of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation which are using the method of PDT, the experience of applying the sensitizer Fotolon® on more than 8,000 patients has been gained. Effective protocols for treatment of several diseases have been developed, including cancer and precancerous diseases of the cervix, skin cancer and mucous membranes cancer, head and neck cancer, brain tumors, myopic maculopathy.

Currently, in collaboration with well -known Korean company Dongsung Pharm, RUE «Belmedpreparaty» the process of registration of Fotolon®  has almost been finalized in the Republic of Korea, a country with one of the most rigid systems of registration for medicinal products. In order to promote this drug on the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Korea, RUE "Belmedpreparaty" and DongSungPharm decided to provide information about Fotolon®   for specialists in the field of clinical PDT. 14th World conference of the International photodynamic Association (IPA) carried out in the period from 28 to 31 May 2013 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The Conference of the IPA is one of the largest international scientific and practical activities in this area, and is held every two years since 1986. The previous two were held in Innsbruck (Austria) and Seattle (USA). The conference is traditionally attended by the world's leading experts in the field of clinical PDT from the USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, UK, Brazil, Australia, Korea, Japan and China. Reports on the application of drugFotolon® were presented at many conferences of the IPA. At a conference in Seattle in 2009 the report of Y.P. Istomin, M.A. Kaplan, S. Shlyakhtin, T.P. Artemieva, D.A. Tserkovsky, L.N. Marchenko, A.S. Fedulova, T.V. Trukhacheva named " The immediate and late results of evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of the photo sensitizer Fotolon®: 7-year-old clinical application experience" was named the best scientific report of the conference.



Negotiations with DongSung Pharm. From left to right: Kim Chung, Emiliano Lee, Sung Lim; V.A. Rechetov; Deputy chairman of the company DongSungPharma Yong Soo Kim; T.V. Trukhacheva; president DongSungPharma Young Gu Li; S.V. Shlyakhtin.

In 2013 the IPA conference was attended by the employees of RUE "Belmedpreparaty" T.V.Trukhacheva, V.A. Rechetov, S.V. Shlyakhtin, and leading specialists of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation in the field of photodynamic therapy: from the Belarusian State Medical University professor L.N. Marchenko and Professor A.S. Fedulov, from the Centre of Oncology and Medical Radiology named after N.N. Alexandrov, MD Y.P. Istomin and Ph.D. T.P. Artemyeva, from the Medical Radiological Research Center of RAMS, Professor M.A. Kaplan and Ph.D. V.N. Kapinus. Satellite symposium was held, devoted entirely to the use of the drug Fotolon®.


The Delegation of RUE "Belmedpreparaty". Back row: S.V. Shlyakhtin, V.A. Rechetov, A.S. Fedulov, L.N. Marchenko, T.V. Trukhacheva. Front row: T.P. Artemyev, M.A. Kaplan, V.N. Kapinus, Y.P. Istomin.


Belarusian and Russian experts were present on the 4th section and 2 plenary sessions with presentations on the clinical effectiveness of the photo sensitizer. In addition, extensive information on drug Fotolon was presented at the stand of RUE "Belmedpreparaty" organized at the conference exhibition, including approval of the Ministry of Health of Belarus and the Russian Federation on the clinical use of the drug management .



Stand of RUE "Belmedpreparaty" during the exhibition



The list of reports presented by the delegation of RUE "Belmedpreparaty":

1.         Trukhacheva T.V., Shlyakhtin S.V., Istomin Y.P., Kaplan M.A., A.S. Fedulov Minsk, Belarus. "Fotolon® - from pilot studies to standard clinical practice"

2.         Y.P. Istomin, Artemyev T.P., Tserkovsky D.A., Petrovskaja N.A., Mazurenko A.N. Minsk, Belarus. "Photodynamic therapy with Fotolon® in RSPC Oncology and Medical Radiology. Named after N.N. Alexandrov"

3.         Artemyeva T.P., V.N. Chalov Minsk, Belarus. "Photodynamic therapy for cervical dysplasia II-III degree with Fotolon®"

4.         Marchenko L.N., Dalidovich A.S., Krivonosov V.V., Trukhacheva T.V., Shlyakhtin S.V., Fedulov A.S. Minsk, Belarus. "The triple combination therapy of patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration with photodynamic therapy Fotolon® introduced intravitreal bevacizumab and rear subtenon triamtsinalon acetonide"

5.         Fedulov A.S., A.A. Borovsky, Rural M.S., Shlyakhtin S.V., T.V. Trukhacheva Minsk, Belarus. "The effectiveness of adjuvant intraoperative photodynamic therapy with Fotolon® in patients with malignant tumors of the brain"

6.         Kaplan M.A., Kapinus V.N., Obninsk, Russian Federation. "Photodynamic therapy of malignant tumors of the skin and mucosa with Fotolon®"

7.         Kaplan M.A., Zamulaeva I.A., Kapinus V.N. Obninsk, Russian Federation. "Systemic photodynamic therapy  with Photolon: understanding pharmacodynamic way"

8.         Kaplan, M.A., Kapinus V.N. Obninsk, Russian Federation. "Photodynamic therapy of head and neck cancer Fotolon®".



Carrying a satellite symposium on Fotolon®.

Left: Speech S.V. Shlyakhtin. Right: Speech Ph.D. T.V. Artemieva

Performance MD Y.B. Istomin

Speech by Professor L.N. Marchenko

Speech by Professor A.S. Fedorov

Speech by Professor M.A. Kaplan

Speech Ph.D. V.N. Kapinus


Reports of the members of the delegation with new clinical data on the use of the drug Fotolon® aroused great interest of clinical specialists from different countries to the drug and its supply, which in the future will lead to the expansion of trade and economic cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and other countries. Leading experts in the field of photodynamic therapy in neurosurgery Professor Herwig Kostronom (Innsbruck, Austria) and Professor Sadao Kaneko (Sapporo, Japan) was asked to study the issue of conducting international multi-center clinical trials of the drug Fotolon® with their participation. As a result of the reports Y.P. Istomin and T.V. Artemieva the effectiveness of PDT of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, leading experts in photodynamic therapy of the Republic of Korea, the president of the Korean Photodynamic Association Professor Taegyu Ahn and Professor Seijun Han turned to the RUE "Belmedpreparaty" with a request to the Republic of Belarus of the training for the photodynamic therapy of cervical dysplasia with Fotolon®. Interest in supply, as well as in the conduct of clinical trials and further application with Fotolon® in gynecology and the treatment in the first place of malignant skin tumors was expressed by clinical specialists from Japan, Brazil and China.

Taking into consideration the high achievements, RUE "Belmedpreparaty" as pharmaceutical company was awarded by special prize of the International Photodynamic Association for their contribution to the development of PDT and the development of a better photo sensitizer, handed by the President of the Conference professor Taegu Ahn at the plenary session in the presence of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of Korea N.I. Zhilevich.

Presentation of the award


Award for contribution of the development of PDT and the development of a better photo sensitizer


Speech by Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of Korea N.I. Zhilevich

Presentation of special award of the International photodynamic society for RUE "Belmedpreparaty". From left to right: Prof. M.A. Kaplan, the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of Korea N.I. Zhilevich, Deputy chairman of the company DongSungPharma Yong Soo Kim, Ph.D. T.V. Trukhacheva, MD Y.P. Istomin, Professor A.S. Fedulov, Professor L.N. Marchenko, S.V. Shlyakhtin, Ph.D. V.N. Kapinus.


During the conference the mainstream media of the Republic of Korea have published information about the experience of usage the drug Fotolon® in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation and the interest of Korean experts to further the application of PDT method with Fotolon®:

Publications in the Korean media