RUE "Belmedpreparaty" carries out industrial production and wholesale of medicinal products of  its own production on the basis of licenses issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.

The production is carried out in accordance with GMP requirements, labor safety rules and norms, sanitary and hygienic requirements for the production of pharmaceuticals. The enterprise includes 14 production and 6 auxiliary workshops in Minsk, Lida and Skidel. The number of employees exceeds three thousand people.

The company's portfolio includes a wide range of medicinal products for oral, parenteral and local application. Manufactured products cover more than 20 pharmaceutical therapeutic groups.

Having a number of exceptional productions the enterprise is the unique manufacturer of insulin products, including human genetically engineered insulin products, drugs for ophthalmology in the form of eye drops, and also enterprise produces a range of pharmaceutical substances.

Product nomenclature exceeds 300 names of medicinal products:
  -   infusion solutions in vials;
  -   solutions for injections in vials;
  -   solutions for injections in ampoules;
  -   freeze-dried medicinal products in vials;
  -   aseptically filled antibiotics in vials;
  -   blood substitutes based on dextran;
  -   tablets;
  -   hard and soft gelatin capsules;
  -   ointments and gels;
  -   eye drops in vials and in dropping tubes;
  -   tinctures and alcohol-containing medicinal products;
  -   substances;
  -   powders in sachets;
  -   disinfectants;
  -   herbal medecines.

The company is actively engaged in the creation and launch of new highly effective medicinal products, new forms of release of medicinal products are being developed. Joint development of medicinal products with the companies of Russian Federation, Cuba, India is being conducted. 

RUE "Belmedpreparaty" carries out an active investment policy. In recent years, a number of major investment projects have been implemented to reconstruct and modernize existing production facilities and create new production facilities.

In 2013 a workshop for cytostatics production using isolating technologies was put into operation. In 2015 a workshop for production of sterile antibiotics in vials was put into operation in Lida. The company seeks to modernize and actualize production equipment and processes in a timely manner, following the innovations and trends of the world pharmaceutical practice.

During  2016-2017 the enterprise has realized a number of projects on modernization of existing productions. The equipment for manufacturing medicinal products in ampoules and freeze dried medicinal products in vials have been fitted with modern technological equipment. The site for the production of alcohol-containing infusions was modernized. The modernization of solid dosage forms is being actively implemented.

Currently, the company is actively working to create new production of oral antitumor agents in the form of tablets and hard gelatin capsules using isolating technologies, eye drops, to modernize production of infusion medicinal products and to produce medicinal products in the form of ointments and gels.