New Projects

Within the framework of the National Program of Innovative Development of the Republic of Belarus for 2007-2010, approved by the Decree of the Council of Ministers №525 from 25.04.2007 (version №1148 from 10.09.2007) several projects regarding research and development of novel medical products and reconstruction of currently existing facilities, in particular for production of antineoplastic agents, are currently realizing by RUE “Belmedpreparaty”.

The main problems which should be solved by realization of above mentioned projects are:

  • to expand the nomenclature, an export potential and capabilities of sales of products, both in inner and foreign markets, by creation of a novel production facilities in accordance with requirement of GMP;
  • to provide a more complete satisfaction of needs of the Health Care Service and patients in the Republic of Belarus in pharmaceutical products, as well as to reduce budgetary subsidies for maintenance of the Health Care system;
  • to achieve a significant effect and to get direct financial savings for Republican and local budgets by substitution of expensive imported medicines.

RUE “Belmedpreparaty” is the only pharmaceutical enterprise in the Republic of Belarus which produces antineoplastic agents. Тhe production of antineoplastics has started in 1998. At present moment the company produces 10 generic drugs, which are included into Standard treatment protocols of chemotherapy of various tumors: Cytarabin (a lyophilized powder for injections and a solution for injections), Leucladin, Fludarabel, Methotrexate, Zoledronic acid. The Production volume of above mentioned products completely satisfies needs of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus. The company also produces an original medication for photodynamic therapy of tumors called Photolon.

A research work on development of the technology of the ready form of another product Oxaliplatin is currently ongoing.

RUE “Belmedpreparaty” aims at quality assurance of medicines produced by the company and at the same time it tends to provide relatively low prime costs of products what will finally allow to satisfy needs of the Health Care system of the Republic of Belarus and will create novel possibilities for export and for obtaining of currency funds for the Republic of Belarus.

Within the framework of the State Scientific and Technical Program “Novel medical products” a number of researches directed to development of novel original medications of different pharmacotherapeutic groups are currently performed on RUE “Belmedpreparaty”. Thus, a combined medication Actovir (ointment) for the treatment of diseases caused by Herpes viruses was developed. A concept of combination of two different active pharmaceutical ingredients with specific pharmacological actions was put into the basis of the mentioned medication. The unidirectionality of pharmacological activities of two different substances allows to assume the effect of potentiation of antiviral activity. Currently a phase II clinical trial of the medication Actovir applied in patients with genital herpes is on-going.