CASOLIN (capsule 0.2 g)

Capsulae Casolini 0,2



General tonic agent and adaptogen. Drugs influence metabolism in prostate. Potency regulator.


Capsule content: 200 mg of casolin (oily extract from castor).

Pharmacological effect

Foritspharmacologicaleffectcasolinisrelatedtoadaptogens. It is general restorative, tonic, stress-protective, enhances non-specific resistance of organism.

It corrects reproduction disorder in men. It enhances libido, restores sexual activity, it improves erection. It is of positive effect on ejaculation.

It increases testosterone content in blood serum. It normalizes the content of beta-lipoproteids and triglycerides in blood serum; thyrotrophic hormone.


The drug is administered for prevention and treatment of reproduction dysfunction. It is used in impotence (functional one caused by radiation), climacteric disorder, decreased libido and sexual activity.


The drug is recommended for oral intake 0.2—0.4 g 3 time a day during meals for 10-30 days.

Adverse reaction

Casoliniswelltoleratedandusuallyhasnosideeffects. Rare headache, dyspepsia, allergic reaction.


Organic injuries of urogenital system, venereal diseases, adrenak gland diseases, individual intolerance.

Interaction with other drugs

Synergic activity is revealed in combination with sedatives, spasmolytics of vegetable origin.

Dosage form

Soft gelatine capsules 200 mg. 15, 25 or 50 capsules per glass jar, 10 capsules per blister.