RUE «Belmedpreparaty» is the winner of IV republican competition «Technosphere 2008»

On May, 19th, 2009 summarizing IV republican competition «Technosphere 2008» took place on the Belarus industrial forum.

On results of participation RUE «Belmedpreparaty» is the winner in a nomination «the Best innovative enterprise». RUE «Belmedpreparaty» has received the diploma, the certificate and has received an exclusive right to put on its produ?tion the sign of the competition «Technosphere 2008».

Competition has been organized within the limits of an innovative marathon «the Intellectual capital» – the action which promotes the international exchange of experience in sphere of a science, manufacture and commerce.


RUE «Belmedpreparaty» completed the realization of the project «Reconstruction and modernization of peleet manufactures»

In November, 2008 it is put into operation object «Reconstruction and modernisation of peleet manufactures» RUE «Belmedpreparaty» on street Majakovskogo, 1. 1-st starting complex». The enterprise has left on planned capacity of workshop on results of December.

The project was realized according to the Decree of the President of Belarus 484 from 17.10.2005 and has been included in the list of the major investment projects which realization was carried out with compensation from means of the republican budget of a part of interest rates for using bank credits.

Within the limits of the project it is got modern technological and auxiliary equipment of leading firms of Italy and Korea, which meet the highest requirements on characteristics and conditions of operation.



It is given: the insufficient maintenance of selenium in ground and food, capable to cause a problem with health. It is required: to create a preparation of selenium which would correctly compensate this lack and would be safe at correct application. The decision of a problem: domestic preparation Selenobel on the basis of the patented substance, not having analogues in territory of the CIS and the near abroad. And now – about all this things more detailed.

The universal soldier

Selenium concerns to microcells which play the important role in maintenance of normal ability to live of our organism. However, application of biologically active additives and medical products with selenium has got special popularity only in the middle of XX century. The reason for that was obscurity of their biological properties and features of transformation in an organism of organic and inorganic forms of selenium (we shall tell about it below). Today it is known, that selenium provides nonspecific antioxidant protection – enzyme glutathioneperoxidase, neutralized free radicals, and which structure includes this microcell, is practically at all cells and biological liquids of an organism of the person. Selenium interferes with destroying influence radioactive and other kinds of radiations. It is useful at sharp and chronic intoxications, stimulates immunity and hematogenesis, is important for normal work of a thyroid gland.

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